Left at 7am. Plan was to drive 6 hours, the first hour down coast roads before linking up with highways for the rest. Hopefully end up two hours north of Goa. Wrong. What looked like a nice coastal road turned out to be 4 hours of relentless mountain hill climbs and dangerous switch back descents on pot holed sketchy roads. Slow progress for the 140cc lawnmower, affectionately now known as little jubilee.

Made out way to a ferry crossing which was cool, for 71 rupee we crossed the estuary much to the fascination of the locals and Indian tourists. We nailed the highways as best we could but realised by 5pm we weren’t anywhere near our destination. The decision was made to push for Goa. Yes it would mean a 15 hour day driving, in bad night conditions. At least we’d wake up in a great spot and back with the pack of other rickshaws. Good decision. Arrived safe and sound. Stopped at a beer shop and had a Budweiser in the street.

Had good banter and selfies with the friendly locals. Continued another 12k and ended up at Vagator beach resort. A tourist town similar to Bali or Thailand full of hippy, cooler than cool yoga practicing, tie die wearing, trance listening yuppies from around the globe. Gosh I feel old I was living this life 8 years ago! Found a great little gem of hotel, little Bungalows with a pool down a quiet side street. We’ve travelled 1500k in our little tuk tuk through some hard terrain but sitting on the terrace now makes it all worth it. Go on Goa!