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Consultant Ratings

How would you rate the consultant’s determination to fulfil a quality service consistently?
How thoroughly does the consultant understand the needs of candidates and clients?
Does this consultant understand how their actions and behaviours affect colleagues, clients or candidates?

Re: Following Question…

Be careful how this question is structured... since we are realistic and know that when really under pressure, it is hard to tell a client or a candidate every aspect of every situation.

When rating, use 1 star for being very likely to lie though to 5 stars for being always honest — even when they will lose out.

What would be the likelihood of this consultant telling a lie, whether it is a white lie or something more deceptive to get what they want?
When this consultant is under pressure, how is the solution finding, are they able to create alternative solutions to meet the needs of every situation?
Does this consultant inspire those around them to maximise there potential, colleague, client or candidates?

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