Jubilee has a track record at Events and Stadia that sets it apart as a key supportive partner and we have supported every major event of the last 20 years throughout the UK, including…

  • The London Olympics
  • The Cheltenham Gold Cup
  • Wimbledon
  • Premier League Matches

Events and Stadia are in their nature sporadic with high volume requirements. It is close to impossible to retain thousands of staff when you only have work every two weeks.

Also. it is even more difficult to ramp up the highly skilled staff needed to oversee and lead these teams.

Moreover, we understand that we need to provide leaders – not just junior staff – so the teams we provide are balanced and can function independently to take the pressures of you and the venue team and management.

Contact us today and learn more about our tailored solutions. We would be happy to provide multiple references to assist you with the understanding of our unrivalled capabilities.

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