Care Registration: Working Time Regulations

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  • Agreement to opt out of maximum weekly working time

    Under regulation 4(1) of the Working Time Regulations 1998 the average working time of a worker, including overtime, must not exceed 48 hours a week unless the worker has previously agreed otherwise in writing.

    Please sign below to confirm your agreement that this limit on your working hours will not apply, and that your average working time may therefore exceed 48 hours a week.

    You may terminate this agreement by giving three months’ written notice at any time. Unless it is terminated in this way, this agreement shall remain in force until your employment with us ends.

    You may choose whether to sign this agreement and we will not subject you to any detriment if you do not sign it or if you exercise your right to terminate it.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jubilee Personnel Services Limited

    I agree that the statutory maximum average working time of 48 hours a week shall not apply to my employment with Jubilee Personnel Services Limited and that my average working time may therefore exceed 48 hours a week.

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