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Nick Taylor

Managing Director

Head Office Team

After earning my stripes in kitchens for 10 years and having experienced other agencies at the time, i believed the hospitality industry was screaming out for a genuine service driven company, that could win business through a quality based approach. Jubilee reflects that vision our people believe in it.

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Born in Birmingham and grew up in Bromsgrove, I trained as a chef at the Birmingham College of Food.

My career started at Grafton Manor Hotel in Bromsgrove as a commis and progressed through to Managing a Pub Restaurant in Cheltenham before starting Jubilee in 2003.

I have experienced the highs and lows of a very demanding yet exhilarating industry.

From my experience of working for high street agencies sporadically I saw a huge gap between the experience of consultants & their clients. To give a viable alternative to the established agency’s in the market, Jubilee was formed.

My vision when I started and still is today,is to develop a recruitment business that would drive for service excellence. To achieve this I recruit consultants that have achieved within the industry in their own right, I feel this is critical to Jubilee’s credibility.


Interesting Fact

I failed my driving test twice in one day !!!!!!!!