Starting a new job is always a mixed bag of emotions; despite a huge sense of excitement and eagerness to get stuck in, there is always a fear and worry that you won’t be good enough, won’t fit in with the team or just not cut out for that role. Starting with Jubilee was no different, those first day nerves were very much at the forefront of my mind, but with a warm welcome and such a supportive team, the last few months have flown by and been better than I could have ever hoped for.

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve learnt so far as I made the leap into the crazy world of recruitment.

Adjusting to a new routine

Like all the Jubilee consultants, my background is in hospitality, having always worked long hours any days of the week until any time of night as is expected from the restaurant industry; the transition to a Monday to Friday 8 till 5 job was a whole new experience. I think after several months I am only now adjusting to having my weekends back and not working till midnight, although the early alarms were not an easy adjustment!

Taking help and advice

The biggest help without a doubt that has eased me into this job has been the advice, support and ‘how to guides’ from the other consultants. Despite me feeling like a huge annoyance at times, I am extremely grateful for all the words of wisdom and guidance as I made my first calls to chefs, processed my own payroll and began building new client relationships, I would have been lost without the stories of experience (good and bad!) and tips they’ve all shared.

You can’t ever be too organised…

I must admit this is still something I am trying to master, but a huge part of this job is being organised with everything! Organising your day, your admin, paperwork, clients and chefs has lead me to having a desk filled with post-it notes of reminders, phone numbers and ‘to do lists’ which require a weekly clear up before they stack up again the next week! Having countless folders to organise files and emails is slowly starting to help with the paper work and not writing out a new sticky note for every phone call will hopefully help me save some trees!

The one job where you won’t be told off for being on the phone too much!

Making calls is such a huge part of this job, some days you feel you’ve not stopped talking for even 5 minutes -something my family will all say has always been a problem for me, but in this job that’s the sign of a productive day, networking with clients and new staff! Building new relationships with clients and meeting new chefs and catering staff, has been one of my favourite parts of the job so far, its been great meeting so many new people from such a  variety of catering backgrounds, hearing their experiences and motivations and being able to find them work with some fantastic clients to grow my desk.

Although that feels like only a tiny snippet of my first few months, the amount I have learnt about both recruitment and myself has been enormous and makes me so excited to see where I will be this time in another 3 months, hopefully, with several more chefs out working for me for some great new clients (and maybe being a morning person who doesn’t hate the early alarm for the first time ever!)