Here at Jubilee Talent we have come up with a list of rules we believe every chef should live by and we invite all chefs, and hospitality staff, to take a read and we would welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on any element you think deserves more discussion!


Attend every appointment possible

[Maintain integrity, it will reflect much better on you for the future]


Always keep your CV up to date online

[Make sure your CV is up to date on the jobsites you posted it on, people want to understand all your experiences]


Do not ‘job hop’

[Only accept a permanent role if you are really certain you are prepared to commit to it]


For young chefs Being a freelance chef is not a career [‘controversial’ we hear you say!]

[It is supposed to be an emergency stop gap between permanent roles]


If you’ve never done something, admit it!

[better to say you don’t know than look like a fool]


You’re always learning

[there’s more than one way to skin a cat]


Money isn’t everything

[find a job or environment you genuinely love, and the money will come]


Taste everything you cook

[if you wouldn’t eat it, your clients won’t either. Plus, you will train your palette]


Respect the hierarchy

[It takes 10 years to become a Head Chef [at least!] That big pay jump can wait another few months]


Every customer deserves your best

[whether they’re veggie, vegan, pescatarian or they have allergies they’ve come to you; show them how good you are]

I was always told becoming a chef is a way of life not just a job. We love cooking! We love getting those fresh vegetables straight from the garden, that first delivery of Lamb in the early days of Spring or a freshly landed Dover Sole.

Don’t let people take advantage of your passion and your commitment, but love what you do, and remember why you started doing it!!